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Marjean Holden is currently starring on her second season of BeastMaster as "Arina" the beautiful warrior. Marjean is multitalented, and an exceptional commodity to entertainment.
Appearing in numerous television, movie and theater roles including, Code Red: The Rubicon Conspiracy, John Carpenters Ghosts of Mars, Crusade, Babylon 5: A Call to Arms, John Carpenters Vampires, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Philadelphia Experiment II, a variety of sitcoms and the credit list goes on.
In addition to acting, standing 6'0 tall, Marjean has accomplishments in martial arts, and stunt work.
While on location in Australia filming BeastMaster, Marjean recently took time from filming to participate in this insightful interview.
Click here for a detailed listing of Marjean's acting and stunt credits.

Holly: Who is Marjean Holden, what would you like everyone to know about you?
Marjean: Well, let's see...I think I'd like people to know that I have this really incredible passion for everyone to fulfill their dreams and desires, and that under this tough exterior is a really loving, caring, giving person...and I just want to spread love to everyone in the world! I know it sounds sappy! But that's who I am!

Holly: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Marjean: I think the one thing I would change is I would take 3 inches off my height! You see...I am 6 ft tall, with a 37 inch inseam! That's really is impossible for me to buy pants off the rack...and that has been a major bummer for me my whole life! I'll see something really cute...try it on...and go...ok...that is definately not happening! They are still 3 inches too short! No matter if they are longs or not!

Holly: If you were not acting, in which profession would you be?
Marjean: Producing/Directing/Writing...all of which I am starting to pursue...I have always wanted to make my way behind the camera...and create a project from start to finish. I love the creative process, and majored in Producing and Directing I think that is where I would be quite effective.

Holly: Who or what influenced you to become an actress?
Marjean: I think the biggest thing that influenced me to become an actress, was that I was such an egomaniac as a kid! I liked people looking at me! I liked being in front of an never made me nervous...and I just loved the attention! So...I decided at an early age...that I was going to be an actress! I was in 4th grade...and my mother thought I would never last...because I was a very sensitive child to criticism...but here I am...and the more someone says no...the more I want it and the harder I'll work to get it!

Holly: Are there any projects we can look forward to in the future?
Marjean: Well, I am just shooting the 3rd season of The Beastmaster at the moment...but I am putting together a couple of things...I'll keep you informed as there is movement on them! But it is all good, I can tell you that much!

Holly: What are your athletic interests, how often do you practice them?
Marjean: Well, growing up...I did it all...Volleyball... basketball, track...skiing...I just loved sports! I played competitive Volleyball in college on a scholarship, but now...I have trained Martial Arts for over 10 years...I don't practice that much anymore...but I still use it in my work...But I am really getting into Yoga! I just produced and directed an Instructional Yoga video starring Kathleen Kinmont from the series "Renegade" and am editing that in August. I also run and lift weights...and have my Billy Blanks Taebo tapes that I do here in my apartment on location! He keeps me fit for the most part!

Holly: What are the pros and cons of working on BeastMaster?
Marjean: The pros of working on the that the crew is really great...we have such a good time...they are like family! Really nice people...and boy do we have fun! My character is that is a good thing as well...I guess the only con to working on the that there are some really early I get picked up to go to set at 4am! Sometimes even earlier! And at that time of the morning when we are shooting up at 5,000 feet up on the is COLD! So...that is the only con! And being so far away from my family!

Arina and Dar

Holly: What is Daniel like to work with, are you friends off camera?
Marjean: Daniel has been great...we get along really well, and really enjoy working with each other. We work well as a team really. We don't get a chance to hang out off set, because there really isn't time! He works just about everyday...and I imagine his days off are spent catching up on much needed sleep!

Holly: What is it like to work with the animals, any close calls?
Marjean: Well, there haven't been any close calls for me! Thank god! It is a bit scary when you work with the big cats...because let's face it...they are wild animals! They can eat you in one bite! So you just try to stick to the safety guidelines...and you do alright...But I have gained a whole new appreciation for animals because of this show...I have two cats...and they are ( well really they have always been ) Gods to me!

Holly: I know you do most of your own stunts, what types of stunts don't or wont you perform?
Marjean: This year I have ended up doing all of my own stunts...and in general...I do most of my own...I know all actors say that...but let's face it...there aren't a whole lot of 6' black females out there doing stunts! Actually...there's one...and that's me! And I don't have the time to dedicate to it, like I would like too...because I love stunts...they are so much fun for me! But I really don't like High Falls...or any kind of high work for that matter! I like to keep my feet on the ground!

Holly: What direction would you like to see your character go?
Marjean: Well, if I say too will give things away!

Marjean as various char.

Holly: What has been your favorite acting role thus far?
Marjean: I think my favorite role, or one of my favorite roles to date has been the character I played in an episode of Tales from the Crypt...that was really fun...and also...the Vampire I played in John Carpenter's Vampires...That was awesome! I loved that! It was like...I felt like a Vampire! After the makeup and the teeth and the eyes...we only worked at was pretty weird...I totally got into it! But my career is not over as an actress, and I'm sure there will be many more roles that I will play that will over take them as my favorites!

Holly: What are your interests and hobbies when you are not working?
Marjean: I really love to read...I do a lot of reading and I love walking along the beach and doing outdoor activities...I love Horseback riding and all of that...though I haven't been in a long time...but I think my favorite thing is...yes...Going to the Movies! I know...I are probably thinking...hey you're an actress...can't you come up with something better than that!? Well...that's my story and I'm stickin to it!

Holly: Final question for fun; You can tell a lot about a person by the type of car they drive. What type car do you drive?
Marjean: Ha ha! I think so...I drive a 1998 Black Isuzu Rodeo...leather seats, sports package...running boards...tinted windows...well, you get the picture! But my dream that's a different story! Porsche...definately a Porsche...Carerra...Silver/Blue... now we're talking....

Thank you very much for taking time from your busy schedule to participate in this interview.
I wish you continued success in your future endeavors, I know you will be successful in all that you do!
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