Monika Schnarre

Monika as The Sorceress

Monika Schnarre

Meet Monika Schnarre, the beautiful and talented actress and former model who portrays
"The Sorceress" on BeastMaster.
Monika recently took time from her busy schedule to participate in this interview.

Holly: Who is Monika Schnarre, would you like the world to know about you?
Monika: I'm just a Canadian gal who enjoys the finer things in life...time spent with family and good friends, good sushi, fine wine and tall men!

Holly: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Monika: I'd like to be more assertive -- stand up for myself more.

Holly: Which aspect of your career do you enjoy more, acting or modeling?
Monika: I actually haven't modeled for about 10 years. It was a career I left because it felt empty. I knew there should be more to life than 'the bottom line'. Acting challenges me and I'm a far happier person.

Holly: What has been your favorite role thus far?
Monika: I can honestly say that I really love playing 'The Sorceress' on The Beastmaster. She's an interesting character because she doesn't think like adult-humans do. Her approach to life is with a sense of wonderment and innocence -- much like a child.

Holly: What are the pros and cons of working on BeastMaster?
Monika: While working in Australia has definitely been a highlight, at the same time, it's very hard to be away from my loved ones for such a long period of time.

Holly: What is Daniel like to work with, are you friends off camera?
Monika: Daniel's schedule is very demanding. We're not really friends off camera because he's in every scene and generally filming all the time! But we do have fun when we're both on set.

Holly: The animals are so beautiful, what is it like to work with wild animals, have you had any close calls?
Monika: Working with the animals was one of the main reasons for taking the job. The puma, the baby tigers and even the snakes are breathtaking! Thankfully, I haven't had any close calls.

Holly: What was it like to work on Andromeda, and Kevin Sorbo?
Monika: Kevin was a joy to work with. I really love working on Sci-fi and Andromeda was one of the best work experiences for me in that genre.

Holly: How does working on a Soap Opera compare to working on a show like BeastMaster?
Monika: Soap Operas are really demanding because you shot an entire show in one day. I'd say that primary difference is the down time I have sitting in my trailer on the Beastmaster.

Holly: Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Monika: I have a huge crush on Heath Ledger and I really admire Michelle Pfeiffer for never having compromised herself for a role.

Holly: Who or what influenced you to become an actress and model?
Monika: I've just always dreamt, ever since I can remember, of being an actor. I'm not really sure where it came from.

Holly: What are your athletic interests, how do you stay in such great shape?
Monika: Lately, I've been running 4.5 miles/ 5 times a week. I also have a trainer back home.

Holly: What are your hobbies and interests when you are not working?
Monika: I enjoy reading, hiking, running and watching movies.

Holly: What are your future career plans?
Monika: As long as acting makes me happy that's what I'll do. Beyond that, I'd like to go back to school and perhaps study law.

Holly: Any sneak previews of 'The Sorceress' for the new BeastMaster season?
Monika: Sorry! You'll have to wait and see...all I can say is; "She's back!"

Holly: Final question for fun: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of car they drive. What make and year is your car?
Monika: I drive a Dodge Ram, red, pick-up.

Thank you very much Monika for your time and kindness.
I wish you continued success in all of your future endeavors.

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