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BeastMaster Polls

Who would make the perfect couple?

Dar and Arina Dar and Niva from Destiny Dar and Zuraya from Slayer's Return Tao and Caro from The Hunter Tao and Pola from Destiny Tao and Nadeea from Serpent's Kiss

Pick your favorite Season three villain.

King Zad Slythius Orpheo from Veil of Death Callisto from Tiger Tiger The Apparition from The Prize Nadeea from Serpent's Kiss

take my poll at:

BeastMaster Villain :


Out of the first five episodes of Season three, which was your favorite?

Legend Reborn Crystal Ark Chosen One Veil of Death The Prize

Which has been your favorite episode?

The Legend Reborn 44 (16%)

The Crystal Ark 30 (11%)

Chosen One 44 (16%)

Veil of Death 76 (29%)

The Prize 67 (25%)

261 Total votes

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