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The Prize

#305 The Prize

The Apparition (guest star Leah Purcell)and The Sorceress (Monika Schnarre) both vie for the favor
of Balicifer by trying to corrupt Dar (Daniel Goddard).

Cast: Dar: Daniel Goddard. Tao: Jackson Raine. Sorceress: Monika Schnarre.
Arina: Marjean Holden.

Guests: The Apparition: Leah Purcell. Gannuk: Joe Petruzzi. Chiuma: Rod Mulliner.
J'Sandra: Claudia Buttazzoni. Kodo: Holly Brisley. Podo: Steven Rooke.

Written by: Phil Bedard & Larry Lalonde
Directed by: Colin Budds

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